• IT systems will be always to ensure optimal and continuous operation.

  • Simple and quickly operation or implementation

  • Cost savings

  • Saving and optimizing energy consumption

  • High compatibility and availability.

  • Improve operational efficiency your organizational and system.

  • Monitoring and managing everywhere, anytime.

  • Support features Integration, Multimedia connection

  • Improve performance and management effective of your system and organization.

Our Clients

Building / Offces

Data center

Factories, industrial zones, manufacturing area

Retail chain supermarket, stores…

Design and construction companies / organizations (infrastructure, transport works ...)

Companies that researching, manufacturing, developing electrical and electronic devices

What our customers say?

SMCS Smart Office has a fast deployment time, easy to use, optimal investment and operation costs with high flexibility, meet the expansion requirements in the future.

SMCS Smart Home focuses primarily on management, monitoring, early warning of energy status and physical security through electronic fencing. SMCS has a very good security and privacy platform. This is one of the most important factors with today’s IoT systems and devices.

Pente Technologies is well known in the field of technology with services associated with its name as: IT Solutions Consulting, Security Consulting,Penetration Testing, IoT technology development… Through years of development and research, Pente’s current flagship product is SMCS – a smart technology solution based on IoT.

The SMCS solution will support the control and operation of systems in the building: optimal and more secure. Hause, apartments and offices become more intelligent and modern thanks to the smart devices, cameras, electronic protection barriers systems and SMCS software on the computer and mobile apps.

The core values of SMCS are to ensure energy security and physical security. However, Pente’s solution does not focus on plug and socket systems as the way other vendors are doing. Instead, SMCS aims to control from the root to the distribution system and equipment systems to make management more safe and secure.

Launched in 2017, Smart Monitoring and Controlling System (SMCS) – developed and researched by Pente Technologies – is considered as a smart technology solution on the IoT platform with the most complete and the widest range of applications on the market today.


I have had a whole new experience when using Smart Home from Pente Technologies. A smart system and very simple to use. Pente Technologies has brought a smart life to me and my family.

The partnership with Pente Technologies is a very new experience. This marks the change in our IT system and the way we do business. And the result really did not disappoint us.

We believe and expect so much in the SMCS Solution of Pente Technologies. A smart system with many practical applications, stable operation and easy operation. Hope Pente Technologies will continue to research and develop to offer more efficient solutions and services.

Pente´s Smart Office solution is very efficient, the work and the management of the office have never been so simple and convenient. Software management and mobile applications are very intuitive and beautiful.


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