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Smart Monitoring and Controlling System – Smart Security focuses on the early detection and warning features supports to enhance security and safety for systems and users. The connection and coordination between the environment sensor module, motion sensor, intelligent camera, automatic control… make SMCS security features support maximum in the examination, administration and operation of security. With many models and spatial sizes controlled according to the needs of the users, SMCS – Smart Security suitable for all organizations and individuals, from homes, offices, buildings, factories, industrial parks to public transportation areas.

The intelligent system allows users to access and control remote security devices and systems, automate opening and closing processes, access control to the monitored area. Security management and auditing will become simpler and easier than ever.
Real-time monitoring
The system operates and monitors in real time so that all abnormalities or incidents in the monitoring area are recorded and reported in a timely manner.
Smart connection
All functional modules in the system are tightly interconnected to exchange data analysis.
Intelligent connections from the central control unit also support close monitoring of each device such as door systems, moving sensors, environmental sensors...
Integrated support features
The system integrates features of environmental monitoring, motion monitoring...
Based on the sensing information of the sensor system, the central administration system will display graphically and warn if the abnormal discharge or automatic adjustment according to installed standards.


Better security control

Convenient for inspection and management

Saving cost and energy use

Easy to deploy and use

High compatibility and availability


Smart camera

  • Monitor changes in the tracking area (traffic, buildings, offices, factories, houses, warehouses …) from the operating center.
  • Capture images and automatically send abnormal images to the administrator.
  • Based on moving sensor, temperature, humidity … to send a warning
  • Movie mode and automatic shooting 24/24 on the needs of users.

Fire protection

  • Connection to fire protection system via RS-232, RS-485 interface

Environmental monitoring

  • Monitoring temperature, humidity, smoke, dust in space, according to each designated area.
  • Multi-sensor integrated system: environment, movement, temperature, humidity…
  • Detects gas concentrations and leakage in the surrounding environment (especially in chemical plants or inside mines …), thereby giving the warning or actively connect to other functional modules to control and guide processing for the administrator.
  • Detects and warns of liquids in the area (data centers, warehouses or sensitive construction areas to prevent breakage and corrosion).

Physical information security

  • Record illegal access to homes, offices, factories … or areas or locations under control
  • Record impacts such as vibration, sound, light … impact on the location to be protected
  • Record the power impact on the system: power off, power on, pulse …

Access control

  • Access control and alerts if door systems do not automatically close.
  • Ready to connect to other systems when required via interfaces such as RS-232, RS-485
  • Record all abnormal events.

Centralized management software

  • The management interface is designed as 3D controls: sensors, security equipment, doors, cameras …
  • The 2D management interface allows administrators to understand the system architecture and use it easily.
  • Monitor energy consumption status, announce upcoming events.
  • Displays information on the level of safety, environment, temperature, humidity, gases … in real time and graphically. Allows the user to evaluate the state of the area under control over time.
  • A problem-solving guide to each occurrence of the location being tracked
  • Compatible with other systems through existing libraries.

Smart Monitoring
& Controlling System

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