Smart Agriculture



To many people, the term “IoT” or “Internet of Things” conjures images of latest gadgets like Google Glass, Apple Watch or even self-driving cars. In fact, some of the most innovative and practical applications are happening in the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) – smart cities, smart agriculture, smart factories… However, the application of IoT in agriculture can have the greatest impact.

The Internet of Things is transforming the agriculture industry like never before by empowering farmers and growers to deal with the enormous challenges they face. Till now, agriculture has been a high-risk, labor-intensive, low-reward industry. Farmers are very likely to be impacted by unexpected environmental changes, economic downturns, and many other risk factors.

Understanding the trend of technology and the needs of individuals and organizations in the field of agriculture, Pente Technologies has researched and developed Smart Monitoring & Controlling System (SMCS) – Smart Agriculture.

SMCS – Smart Agriculture is a solution leverages the IoT platform to facilitate remote monitoring of soil moisture content, reduction in water usage and automated release and stoppage of water supply as per the moisture content.

Rather than just an enhancement, smart agriculture is a necessary innovation, which if correctly implemented could help farmers to deal with all the challenges they face in farming. Moreover, the rich insights derived from smart sensors could help farmers be more precise in their use of pesticides and fertilizers, thus mitigating some environmental impacts.

SMCS Smart Agriculture will optimize productivity per unit of agricultural land by using state-of-the-art equipment and systems that operate continuously and sustainably to improve agricultural productivity and quality, helping use cost-effectively and increase financial returns. Intelligent systems help users make better decisions, waste less and maximize efficiency in agricultural production.

What you can do with SMCS - Smart Agriculture

Organic culture environment

  • Control moisture and temperature in culture media to prevent harmful fungus and other bacterial contaminants.

Irrigation intelligent

  • Selective irrigation in dry areas to save water and energy consumption.
  • Applies to fields, plantations, golf courses …

Greenhouse monitoring and automation system

  • Control of microclimate conditions to maximize agricultural production and product quality.
  • Monitoring and automation system in the greenhouse

Monitoring and remote control

  • Remote monitoring of soil quality, crop status, livestock …
  • Automated control and tuning system, warning of the status of the object being monitored and processing advice for the user.


Monitor Agriculture environment

  • Monitor temperature, humidity, toxic substances by space, location and area.
  • Multi-sensor integrated system: environment, air quality, movement … to ensure the quality of the environment, create favorable conditions for the development of plants and animals.

Administration & monitor the energy

  • Optimize the energy usage and operation of the machinery, managing the power consumption of each power supply…
  • Manage problems related to the electrical system.
  • Analyze changes in energy usage, display and reporting accurately by audience and management.

Smart camera

  • Use the iSpy (open source) application as the Streaming Server to manage the cameras
  • Push Streaming Video to iSpy’s Cloud for the purpose of exploitation and use
  • Do not depend on camera brand.
  • Automatically capture images when having problems.

Automatic control

  • Based on the information from the sensor system to automate the irrigation, temperature control, humidity activities….
  • Control ICs are specifically designed for automatic control.
  • Programmers connect to different modules to transmit raw data for filtering, analysis, and control
  • Serving for measurement and calculation

Smart connection

  • Exploit the available standards connectivity  like WiFi with the stability and the ability to transmit data faster
  • Support wireless connection standards: Wifi, Zigbee between components of the system such as: environmental sensor, connection line gauge
  • Be encoded in binary bit form to ensure that information is unique.

Centralized administration

  • System management interface is designed as 3D, 2D control
  • Integrated system monitoring features help easier to follow and monitor the agriculture
  • Troubleshooting guide for each phenomenon on the system
  • Compatible with other systems through existing libraries.


Sustainably increasing agricultural productivity and grower incomes

Use cost effective

Saving and optimizing energy consumption

Environmentally friendly: reduce environmental pollution, waste, greenhouse gas emissions...

Automating operations, control and manage the agricultural environment easily

Adapting and building resilience to climate change

User-friendly system, use and upgrade easily, quickly

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