Smart Cities



Smart Cities stand to benefit the most by connecting their people, devices, and systems. Many cities across the world have already initiated this transformation, and the results are promising.

Distribution of electricity, water and gas, maintenance of utilities, public surveillance, billboards and signage, as well as, deployment of emergency services, law enforcement, and waste management are few of the many places where a city can leverage the Internet of Things to go on its way to becoming a smart city. The use of various types of sensors, an IoT platform, and the cloud enable the centralization of all these points and propel us toward the age of The Jetsons.

Smart Monitoring and Controlling System (SMCS) – Smart City is such a solution. The key here is to devise strategies at the earliest stage and make room for the massive data that will be generated. Remote monitoring and control aside, analyzing data from these sources and programming triggers based on calculated values can lead to faster decision making at the system level. For example, smart lighting can be implemented on roads for an efficient use of the city’s electricity. The system can dim the lights, turn them on / off according to the people on the road, and take appropriate actions in case of a failure, all without human intervention.

With smart traffic management, municipalities can direct the traffic by broadcasting travel times of certain routes to ease congestion and let the citizens choose the route best suited to them. The system can clear a path, set all signals to green, so that the emergency services can reach the incident as quickly as possible, whereby reducing traffic, saving energy and improving public safety. The resulting benefits are for the city, the environment, and most importantly, its people.

Specific areas within SMCS - Smart City

Smart utilities
High-speed networking
Vehicles charging stations
Smart grid
Smart buildings
Recycling/ Clean Energy
Interactive stores/ community information systems
Smart metering
Accurately and automatically measure and evaluate the parameters of the operating system such as:
Smart grid
Smart Energy
Smart water systems...
Environmental monitoring
Monitor and control the physical environment: air, dust, poisons, temperature, humidity...
Waste management system
Water conservation system
Smart infrastructure
Smart office
Smart building
Smart transportation system
Smart home...
Smart transportation
Traffic and transportation management
Smart street lighting
Smart camera...
Smart energy
Smart grid
Management of water supply systems, Gas...


Automation systems, administration support and consultancy by artificial intelligence.

Track activity status and general control: traffic systems, public lighting, IT systems, energy, physical environment...

Data analysis and early warnings in case of incidents.

Manage and control system flexibility from PC, mobile with 3D management software and mobile application on iOS, Android


Convenient and bring a higher living value to the people

Saving and optimizing energy consumption

Cost savings, improve the efficiency of the operation of urban management

Monitoring and managing everywhere, anytime.

Integrated systems will be always to ensure optimal and continuous operation.

Fast deployment and simple to use


Module I: Energy Monitoring and Management

  • Manage power consumption according to each power supply
  • Management of incidents involving electrical systems and other energy systems
  • Analyze changes in energy usage, display and reporting accurately by user and management.
  • The equipment is integrated with electrical cabinets, traditional electrical equipment to upgrade into smart electrical appliances.

Module II: Environment monitoring

  • Monitor the physical environment: air, temperature, humidity, toxic substances by space, location and area.
  • Multi-sensor integrated systems: environment, air quality, mobility…, provide early warning and adjustment to ensure the quality of the environment and optimize the human activities.

Module III: Fire prevention and fighting

  • Connect to fire protection system via RS-232, RS-485 interface
  • Early warning and automatically turn on fire fighting equipment and systems when a fire occurs

Module IV: Smart Camera

  • Use the iSpy (open source) application as the Streaming Server to manage the cameras
  • Push Streaming Video to iSpy’s Cloud for the purpose of exploitation and use
  • Do not depend on camera brand.
  • Automatically capture images when having problems.

Module V: Automatic control

  • Based on the information from the sensor system to automate temperature control, humidity activities….
  • Control ICs are specifically designed for automatic control.
  • Programmers connect to different modules to transmit raw data for filtering, analysis, and control
  • Serving for measurement and calculation

Module VI: Centralized management software

  • System management interface is designed as 3D, 2D control
  • Integrated system monitoring features help easier to follow and monitor the agriculture
  • Troubleshooting guide for each phenomenon on the system
  • Compatible with other systems through existing libraries.

Smart Monitoring
& Controlling System

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