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When you enter your house, pleasant lighting comes on, the roller blinds and curtains go up. The system selects your favorite music, movie, or TV channel. You don’t need to nervously set the light level in the living room, surprised by guests – just press a button to change the scene (the feel) e. g. ‘a party’ or ‘guest visit’.

When you leave your house, after you’ve turned your key the alarm system goes on, the external blinds close, the temperature is reduced, and all lamps and appliances switch off automatically. Nobody is at home, so why use up costly energy. And what would happen if water from an open tap flooded the house…? The system will automatically turn it off and calls you on Your mobile phone…

That is a home automation…

Present electrics controlling the lighting, heating, blinds act individually and independently. Now is the time to change this. With Smart Monitoring & Controlling System (SMCS) – for Smart Home, all those systems should function together, cooperate, communicate, to better serve Your needs. They should increase your comfort and security, lead to energy savings and enable any changes and expansion in accordance with the changing needs of the users.

Lighting and security systems, media control devices and computers, the telephone and the air-conditioning… You can control all these via a keyboard, a remote control … or even your own voice. You can monitor everything via the television screen in any room or via telephone from any given place. Anytime you want, anywhere you are.

Smart Monitoring and Controlling Systems – Smart Home is a wide and innovative range of products to satisfy all your needs. Get to know our offer and commence the automation of your house. Comfortable, innovative, useful home automation components for everyone. This is technology that will allow you to integrate the work of all your home electronics. The authentic convenience can be achieved only when you can use anything you want, anytime you need it, anywhere you are. You decide, when and what to use! We will help you get what you are looking for and what you need.

Mobile App Interface of the SMCS - Smart Home

SMCS is the smart system that allows users to access and control the home devices from a remote location and automating certain processes whether this is a different room or the other side of the world.
Smart Connection
All the modules are closely connected to the exchange of data analysis.

The intelligent connections from the central control device and Aptomat also support closely monitor to each device such as air conditioning, lighting systems…

Support features Integration
The system has also integrated the features of environmental, temperature, humidity, movement monitoring...

Based on the information recorded by the sensor system, the centralized administration system will display in graph form and alert you if any abnormalities occur or automatically adjust to the standard installed.

Real-time monitoring
The system is operated and monitored in real time, so that all activities and problem will be record and timely warning.

This mechanism also allows administrators have an overview about the energy system are being used.


Automation the entire electrical system.

Data analysis and warnings in case of incidents.

Flexible system control from PC, iOS, Android.

Monitor the operations status and overall control: electrical system, physical environment, movement, temperature …


More convenient when using the equipment and housing utilities

Better security control

Save costs and energy use every day

Fast deployment and easy to use

High compatibility and availability.


Module I: Energy Monitoring and Management

  • Management power consumption with each power supply, PDU on RACK cabinet, electrical outlets on each PDU…
  • Management issues related to electrical systems such as disconnecting, open, close, short circuit …
  • Support on the 3-phase, 1-phase power supply cabinets. Record the information about electrical current consumers on each phase in real time.
  • Analysis of changing, exactly display the power consumption.
  • Upgrade the traditional electrical cabinets into the smart electrical cabinet.

Module II: Environment monitoring

  • Monitoring the temperature in space, in each predefined area.
  • Monitoring moisture by locations, areas.
  • Monitoring of smoke, dust by locations, areas.
  • The system integrates multiple sensors: environment, moving, temperature, moisture…

Module III: Centralized management software

  • The interface is designed to manage all objects in the form of 3D controls: sensors, electrical cabinets, lamps…
  • System management interface in 2D allows administrators can understand the system architecture.
  • Monitoring power consumption status in real-time, phase deviation calculation, offset lines, notification system events.
  • Displays information about temperature, moisture, environment, toxic gases… in real time and in the form of graphs, allows administrators to assess environment status by time….
  • Troubleshooting guide for each issue in the house.
  • Compatible with other systems via the available libraries.

Module IV: Access control

  • Control the entry and warning if the doors system does not automatically close.
  • Ready to connect with other systems upon request through interactions such as RS-232, RS-485.
  • Record all the unusual open/close activities.

Module V: Physical information security

  • Record the illegal access to the house or locations that need to be controlled.
  • Record the effects such as vibration, sound, light… impact on the places need to be protected.
  • Record the effects of the power to the system: power off, power on, electrical pulses…

Module VI: Smart Camera

  • Record the changing of the house.
  • Image capture and automatically send the house irregularity image to the administrator.
  • According to moving, temperature, moisture sensor… to alerts the user.
  • Users can proactively install the movie and shooting mode.

Module VII: Fire protection

  • Connection to fire protection system via RS-232, RS-485 interface

Smart Monitoring
& Controlling System

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