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Success in the retail industry is conditional to one thing: Precision. Using the right tools, you will capitalize on more opportunities, eliminate costly mistakes and maximize your resources. Configured to meet your specifications, Smart Monitoring and Controlling System (SMCS) – Smart Retail automates complex interactions from multiple sources, collects critical consumer data, monitors staff activity and alerts management of deviations from the global objectives.

SMCS – Smart Retail is a technology solution with IoT platform designed for specialty retailers. Our SMCS – Smart Retail solutions are designed to boost in-store performance, reduce operating costs and enable quick and efficient services for both single and multi-location operations.

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We are working to enhance customer experiences at retail venues

Department Stores

Convenience Stores

Specialty Stores


Stadiums, Cinema Complexes

Amusement Parks, Airport


Administration & monitor the energy

  • Optimize the energy usage and operation of the machinery, managing the power consumption of each power supply…
  • Manage problems related to the electrical system.
  • Analyze changes in energy usage, display and reporting accurately by audience and management.

Monitoring Environment

  • Monitor temperature, humidity, toxic substances by space, location and area.
  • Multi-sensor integrated system: environment, air quality, movement … to ensure the quality of the environment, create favorable conditions for the activities of staffs and customers.

Smart camera

  • Use the iSpy (open source) application as the Streaming Server to manage the cameras
  • Push Streaming Video to iSpy’s Cloud for the purpose of exploitation and use
  • Do not depend on camera brand.
  • Automatically capture images when having problems.

Fire protection

  • Connection to fire protection system via RS-232, RS-485 interface.
  • Early warning and automatically turn on fire fighting equipment and systems when the fire occurs.

Automatic control

  • Based on the information from the sensor system to automate the temperature control, humidity activities….
  • Control ICs are specifically designed for automatic control.
  • Programmers connect to different modules to transmit raw data for filtering, analysis, and control
  • Serving for measurement and calculation

Centralized administration sofware

  • System management interface is designed as 3D, 2D control
  • Integrated system monitoring features help easier to follow and monitor the distribution and sales activities.
  • Troubleshooting guide for each phenomenon on the system
  • Compatible with other systems through existing libraries.

Access control

  • Access control and warning if the door system does not automatically close.
  • Ready to connect to other systems when required via RS-232, RS-485 communication.
  • Record all abnormal shutdowns and illegal access to locations that need to be monitored.
  • Record impacts such as: vibration, sound, light … in the place to be protected.

Smart Monitoring
& Controlling System

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